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Her spirit has remained in the apartment ever since, often manifesting as the smell of perfume. The Ohio Penitentiary opened in and while first condemned by reformers in the early s, it was not closed down until The prison has since been demolished, but haunting memories of it remain. The blaze swept through the west block of the penitentiary and killed inmates in a single night.

While the prison was still open, inmates complained of ghostly sightings and eerie happenings but when the buildings were finally torn down, tales quickly spread of apparitions among the ruins. Eventually, the prison was replaced by a sports arena — which is also rumored to be haunted.

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It became a notorious police station, known for corruption, bribery, brutality and torture. The station was closed down in and became to be used by the security officers for the nearby University of Illinois Chicago campus.

The Lake County Jail, located in the county seat of Crown Point, was built in and enlarged twenty years later. At that time, county sheriffs were required to live at the jail and so the combined residence and jail included all the facilities needed for its purpose as a law enforcement institution. It was considered to be one of the finest in Indiana and thought to be escape-proof.

However, on March 3, , gangster John Dillinger proved it to be otherwise when he made a daring escape that gave the jail its continuing infamy. The jail remained in operation until the s, when it became a historic site. As restoration has continued over the last two decades, stories have emerged about a haunting at the jail. Apparitions have been seen in cells and corridors, strange photographs have been taken, doors open and close by themselves, lights turn on and off and disembodied footsteps and voices have often been reported by volunteers and visitors alike.

Built in, the old Pottawattamie County Jail is one of the most unusual houses of incarceration in America. The jail has a three-tier cell block with ten cells on each tier. It was originally designed to rotate continuously throughout the night by means of a water wheel in the basement, earning it the nickname of the "squirrel cage jail. Unfortunately, the ton cell block was simply too heavy to work right and it became stuck frequently. Eventually, the jailers gave up on the plan and a night guard had to be hired. The cylinder continued to be used until , when a prisoner died in his cell and the cell block jammed, trapping the body in the cell for several days.

After that, cell doors were cut into every cell. The jail was closed down in and during its history, four deaths occurred within its walls. One man died of a heart attack, another in a fall when he tried to write his name on the ceiling, another hanged himself in his cell, and the last after an accident when an officer accidentally shot himself in the confusion of protecting the jail from an angry mob during the Farmer's Holiday Strike of It's no surprise that these unlucky individuals -- along with others -- are believed to still linger at the old jail.

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The prison was built on the edge of Moundsville in The prison remained open for years, finally closing down in During that time, the structure housed thousands of prisoners. Many lost their lives here, through both state sanctioned executions and during prison violence. Since its closure, the prison had become known as one of the most haunted sites in the country. With death, violence, murder and horrible conditions combining to make a terrifying haunting, ghost hunters have flocked to the former penitentiary over the years.

Visitors claim to have experienced the sound of phantom footsteps, voices and noises that have no explanation, inexplicable cold chills, overwhelming feelings of panic and more. The westward expansion of the railroad brought more than money and high times to the people of Laramie, Wyoming.

It also brought a score of unsavory men and women and a crime rate that rivaled much larger eastern cities. As a result, the Wyoming Territorial Prison was built as a federal penitentiary in Laramie in The facility was plagued with problems from the start, with a fire in and a number of escapes. Of the 44 prisoners accepted in the first two years of operation, 11 escaped.

By , the prison was overcrowded and as its reputation worsened, changes were made and a second cellblock was constructed. It became a state prison from to There were at least five cells for female inmates, and several solitary confinement cells. Soon-to-be-famous outlaw Butch Cassidy was incarcerated here from to Cutting cleaning makes the company more money: but provides unhealthy and inhumane living conditions for the inmates.

Cutting costs ultimately affects the prisoners and diminishes the quality of their living quarters.

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Finally, the law needs to be structured in such a way that allows a steady stream of new inmates. This ties back to that lobbying aspect: stricter laws mean more people in the system. More people in the system means more money for the prison. Many have argued that this is the entire reason that the war on drugs was started: another set of laws that could incarcerate thousands of people every single year.

Many of these prisons save the government money, but some actually cost more per prisoner than a public facility would cost. The capitalist mindset says any time an industry can be run privately it is better for the economy. The socialist mindset says that the government should be supplying those services. The realist says that the prison system is overcrowded as it is.

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