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Many deaths of men and animals have been caused by lightning and cloudbursts, the accounts of which have filled the papers and have read exactly like the reports which reached Europe from the United States at the outset of the American heat wave, a month ago.

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Why quibble over historical facts? This heat wave was just weather. Julia Gillard is going to stop the heat. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said there would be a fixed price on carbon pollution, blamed for global warming, from next year before a full emissions trading scheme was introduced in This is excellent proof that the whole CAGW scam is … well, a scam! My suggestion is: write a paper and send it to the reputable journals for publication. The town set a world record of most consecutive days of maximum temperatures of There have been higher temperatures at Marble Bar, with the highest recorded being But temperatures in other Western Australian towns have been higher: in a remarkable late-season heat-wave in February , Mardie recorded a maximum of So, not only is climae disruption capable of being the cause of everything, it can also defy the constraints of space and time … all those major climate events of the past were actually manifestations of climate disruption.

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What a powerful theory Mr. Gore has invented. Of course AGW has power of time travel. It also makes snowfall in the UK a thing of the past, until we get 2 feet of the stuff when, surprise, surprise that is caused by AGW too. If we get a hot summer that is global warming at work as is a cool wet summer. In fact if anything bad at all happens it is all down to global warming. I will stick my neck out and say that of course this website is caused by AGW! It was also quite dry out in NW Calif. So, months to save the world began in ? Some things you seem to have overlooked 1 The style of cloths worn then did not lend themselves to higher temps especially in women.

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If so, you might have a chance to have your evaluation accepted in the next IPCC report. It would be a certainty if you could demonstrate that the models agree with you. And this is just the beginning.

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I suppose the solar wind reaching over 2 million mph in July and August had nothing to do with that heatwave then.. The heat wave in the United Kingdom was a particularly severe heat event with temperatures hitting record highs of The temperature was recorded at Nailstone, Leicestershire, and was a full degree Celsius above the previous record, set in However, this record was subsequently broken in the heatwave.

It will be impossible to combat this menace since it has the power to trave through time and space. Answer: Because by tomorrow, at least one true believer will say that is an example of AGW wrought by the industrial revolution. In fact, I bet we get a troll to say it here today.

Would that also include record lows? The Alarmist hype and drool of late has certainly been unprecedented. Apologies if it was misunderstood. Correspondingly, groundwater levels remained seasonally depressed for very extended periods… posing a continuing threat to local water supplies.

This was, however, punctuated by several notably wet interludes; is the wettest year on record at Kew in a series from but the record summer rainfall, and associated flooding, was accompanied by acute water supply problems due to the failure of wells and springs. Somewhat OT but I found this just sitting there on Google. Polar Bear makes hockey stick, creates global warming, destroys the world and melts the ice with the hockey stick.

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Sounds like Micheal Mann. Is a heatwave that we measure today an ENTIRE degree hotter than a previous heatwave has been measured using the instruments available at that time really statistically significant? Airport Pavement, Highways, Air Conditioners, Barbecues, and other modern factors-including placement of Stevenson Screens on rooftops Santa Rosa Ca Weather service comes to mind I have seen that one personally is a factor here. Why then are the world temps flat? Unlike Al Gore…. That should scare you. They are projecting temperature rises of C by [or 0. However past history shows that naturally occurring warming periods like we just had and will have again in the future are a regular event on this planet and not at all unprecedented and they were not caused by man at all.

There have been at least four previous warming periods of even greater warming magnitude in the last years alone. Prior to that the most notable was the Medieval Warm Period. These are Central England temperature records which are not global data but it is one of the best indicative records that we have of what happened in Europe. Sometimes I actually yell at the TV, which is not only pointless, but extremely annoying to those around me. And in Texas we have had these heat waves on and off for most of my 80 years on the planet.

Death Valley Smashes Heat Record, 2nd Year in a Row

I would like the warmists to use a little judgment…and put their money on the line by making predictions that actually pan out. The records of were set in a time when there was little, if any, urban heat island effect. Your streets were basically dirt. For people and animals, the most important factor was acclimation. If you had a very cool season right up until the heat wave hit, the effects are much greater than if you had a normal season followed by the heat wave. What happened in could happen again.

It could get very deadly in the modern urban environment: just take away the electricity. Does anybody else marvel at the double-standard?

Death Valley just set an all-time sizzling heat record

Vukcevic says July 10, at am OT. It should be mentioned parenthetically that the field concept also plays in varied forms a pivotal role in modern theories of particles and forces. Besides introducing this important concept of electric and magnetic field lines of force, Faraday had the extraordinary insight that electrical and magnetic actions are not transmitted instantaneously but after a certain lag in time, which increases with distance from the source.

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Moreover, he realized the connection between magnetism and light after observing that a substance such as glass can rotate the plane of polarization of light in the presence of a magnetic field. This remarkable phenomenon is known as the Faraday Effect. As noted above, Maxwell formulated a quantitative theory that linked the fundamental phenomena of electricity and magnetism and that predicted electromagnetic waves propagating with a speed, which, as well as one could determine at that time, was identical with the speed of light.

In so doing, he clarified the equations, making the symmetry of electric and magnetic fields apparent. In Marconi received the first patent for wireless telegraphy, and in he achieved transatlantic radio communication. It is a Friday-June 17, There is a little breeze from the northeast, a clear sky, and the promise of a warm day. The morning temperatures are normal, to degrees, with an offshore breeze that prevents the ocean from having a cooling effect.

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By noon, people begin to notice something unusual is happening. The temperature has quickly risen to almost degrees and the mountain breeze is becoming stronger and stronger. As for cattle dying and birds dropping dead from the sky, longtime Thousand Oaks area veterinarian Robert Miller said he could see it happening in certain cases, given the temperature and airborne dust.

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Individual animals could be overcome — and that includes humans. He indicated that a few birds and cattle dying from the heat might be factual, but perhaps not a mass die-off, which tends to require other factors, such as lack of water or food. Over his long career, Miller worked in temperatures as high as degrees in Arizona.

Some have posited that the event was Santa Ana winds, but those typically come out of the east or northeast, not the northwest. The NOAA-Weather Service memorandum flatly labels it a sundowner, but others point out that many other sundowners have occurred since, none with the fierce intensity or renown of that bizarre day in A look at some of the highest temperatures ever recorded on earth. Although these are considered official in some quarters, some of these readings are disputed.

A Araouane and Timbuktu, both in Mali, supposedly have hit degrees, but the dates are unknown and these may be anecdotal. Death Valley reportedly has hit temperatures of about degrees on at least five occasions — in , , , and And just to really get things cooking, a heat burst reportedly sent the temperature to an astonishing degrees in Abadan, Iran, in June This has never been confirmed and is widely viewed as apocryphal.

Johnston is an amateur weather statistician who lives in Ventura and has been collecting local weather readings and such from various sources for more than 50 years. There are not many spots along the Ventura River Trail where you can see year-round water in a fifth year of drought. Big Rock is one of them. Santa Monica Mt. You can view today's paper or previous issues. Want full access? Subscription Manage Account. VCS Outdoors. Posted: July 07, Posted: July 07, 0.

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