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The legal name change form can be downloaded from the Colorado State Judicial Branch. Sex change. Certified copies of corrections and testimonial letter. Complete this form to receive either:. A certified copy of the birth correction form used to make a change to the birth certificate. This certified copy may be submitted to agencies requiring evidence that a change was made to the birth record.

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A certified testimonial letter to provide evidence of a change to a vital event or as evidence of what information is on file with the Colorado Office of the State Registrar. Contact us. Remember to have the Final Judgment published in the right newspaper 20 days of receiving it and deliver to the court the Affidavit of Publication to show it was published. With the approved name change order from the court you can approach the various bodies concerned to complete the process.

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To change the name of a minor, first have the necessary forms dully completed. The forms you will use for this process to change the name of a minor are similar to those of legally changing the name of an adult in New Jersey. Those unrepresented will find prepared forms in the office of New Jersey Courts Administrative Office that can be filed to request the court to effect the name change of a child. Remember that filing the forms needed for this process must be done with your respective county's Superior Court where you reside. All the adult change of name forms have to be filed in the process of changing the name of a minor since the process is practically the same.

The notice of the proposed change of name also has to be published in a newspaper. The pending change of name complaint has to be published in a local newspaper about 20 days or so prior to attending the scheduled hearing. The newspaper you have published in will get you an Affidavit of Publication that has to be filed with the court.

Notify the other parent of the minor unless you are filing the petition jointly.

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If the parents do not live together, the law requires the other parent be notified of the petition to change the name. A copy of the Order Fixing Hearing Date and Verified Complaint must be sent to the other legal parent of the minor after the court has returned them to you about 20 or so days prior to the hearing. You can send the documents to the other legal parent of the minor by certified or regular mail and request return receipt just in case the court requires a proof that the other parent was well furnished with the information.

In case it's necessary, law enforcement agencies need to be notified as well.

This means that if the minor has previous criminal or pending charges or has been criminally convicted before, the change of name petition must be sent to the law enforcement bodies who handled the case or charges. It's also important to remember that the other legal parent of the child can object to the requested change of name.

In such a case, the court will give the objecting parent a chance to raise his or her concerns during the hearing day. Never forget to attend the hearing in the right court and the judge will take into account your evidence in support of the minor name change, including the objecting evidence from the other legal parent. The decision made will be fair and to the best interest of the minor. If the court has granted the change of name requested, the Final Judgment has to be published in an indicated newspaper or acceptable publication at least 20 days prior to the Day of Judgment by the court.

It's a step that publicly notifies all interested parties the name of the minor has been permitted to legally change. You can continue to change the name of the child with government bodies as required, such as changing his or her birth certificate. From the outset, it's important to remember you don't have to follow the minor or adult name change court process towards correcting a mistake on a marriage certificate or birth certificate, such as a misspelled or incorrectly written name.

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Rather, make sure you contact the Office of the Vital Statistics within the State Registrar, preferably in the Local Registrar to know how such mistakes can be corrected fast. In the case of legal name change, changing the name on the birth certificate is clear; mail the documents to the New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registration. The documents to send include a letter that identifies the vital record that needs some correction or name change. You need to identify the current name with the vital record including the full name of the father and the full maiden name of the mother in case their details are with the vital record department.

A certified copy of the legal name change is also required, which is usually returned thereafter. As a result, photocopies will not be accepted. It's important to change your name with the Social Security Administration once you are through with legal name change process or once you have received your divorce or marriage decree. To have the name appearing on the card changed, the SS-5 Form has to be completed and submitted together with the proof of name change. The process is free and can be completed by mail or in person.

Remember, to effect name change with the Motor Vehicle Commission in New Jersey on your driver's license you must do it in person. The change also needs to be made 14 days after changing your name and you can do so at your Regional Service Center or Local Motor Vehicle Commission. There's a fee to be paid. Don't forget the legal name change order.

To have name changed on your passport, the proper form which varies by passport age needs to be filled out and sent together with a certified copy of the legal name change order or marriage certificate, including the current valid passport. Notarized copies and photocopies won't be accepted when it comes to changing the name on your passport. Remember to also update your name and address with other governmental institutions, such as the IRS and USPS, and nongovernmental institutions, such as insurance companies, financial institutions like banks, credit card companies, as well as with your employer and in all the various professional documents you own.

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I changed my name three years ago but now I regret it. Can I get my social security card and license put back in my maiden name? There are no do-overs for a marriage-related name change. You've got one shot to get it done to your satisfaction. Now that you've come to the conclusion that you made a mistake and want to return to your maiden name, your only option is the file a name change petition with the Superior Court. I am a US citizen and got married in Jamaica to a Jamaican national in What happens if you miss the 2 week deadline to change your name on your driver's license.

Do you have to wait until you renew your license, are you fined? If you go to the New Jersey Legislature and navigate to "statutes", you can see section "a Legal name of licensee; endorsement" that states the following:. A person who fails to notify the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles of a change in name as required in this section shall be subject to a fine. For what it's worth, the NJ driver manual lists a multitude of fines for various infractions, but not for failing to change the name on your driver's license within a certain period of time.

When I get married in NJ, I plan to keep my last name and take my husband's last name as my middle name — I currently don't have a middle name. How do I do that? And do I have to wait until after marriage to apply for that? Or can I make that change before marriage? Would I be able to do this with the marriage license or would I need to go to court? Hi, I got married in NY and now live in Nj. I adopted my husbands surname at marriage so my marriage certificate has my husbands name. How can I start this process? You'd have to petition. And it's not because your marriage certificate doesn't have your maiden name as your middle.

It's just that New Jersey doesn't support replacing your middle name unless it's by court order.

click What would the process be? Live in NJ. Hi Andrea. The process is the same. Use a certified copy of your marriage certificate to change your name with various state, federal, and nongovernmental organizations. Can we do that with the marriage certificate? I filled out the form without a hyphen, as that was my preference but they put one anyway.

If I return, would they be able to change it or am I stuck with a hyphen now? Any help is appreciated. You're likely stuck with it, but you could try to get it modified by claiming it's a clerical error on the clerk's part. Keep in mind, this may just be a database, data entry, or printer limitation. Hello, I will be getting married next month and I have decided to change my last name. Can I choose which last name I want to change my name to.

I live in New Jersey.

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On the drivers license they made my last name LARUE schooshing my last name together as opposed to a separation, effectively creating a false identity. Had the laws changed in New Jersey?

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Can I correct the mistake? Hi Bodhi. It was a limitation of their database system, not a problem with the law. I was married 9 years ago and now that my son is in school I wish to go through with the name change. I want to add my husbands name to my name without dropping any of my names. Can I add his last name as a second last name without a hyphen? Even if a space was allowed, it's not clear that MVC's longstanding computer problem of removing spaces from last names has been resolved.

Also how can she get my last name on marriage certificate? It's not asked in New Jersey. It's not asked in most states. I wish to change it now.