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The class BMP Then add NuGet references to Microsoft. Client and Newtonsoft.

Lets explain what this code is doing. When the background task is started, it first initializes the barometric sensor and then creates the Iot Hub client. For the IoT Hub we need to have the connection string for a specific device.

The quickest way to add a device to the IoT Hub is by using the Device Explorer After that, the geolocation of the device is stored, so in the Bing Map website, this location can be used to display the temperature of this device. Finally the barometric sensor data is read every 5 seconds and every 5 minutes the average is calculated and this is send to the IoT Hub.

For the Output two Table Storage outputs will be created, one output WeatherStationDeviceData which will store all the data and a second output WeatherStationDevices that will only store the geolocation and the last know temperature of a device. The second part of the query uses a fixed PartitionKey 'Location', this makes sure that the WeatherStationDevices output which uses 'Location' as PartitionKey and DeviceId as rowKey will only have a single record for a device.

New records will be updated based upon the PartitionKey and RowKey and therefor the last temperature for a device will always be stored in the WeatherStationDevices table.

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Now that there is data stored inside a Table Storage, a simple website can be created to display this data in a Bing Map. A new ASP. Net 5 website can be added to the existing solution. The website will use Mvc to display the page and will use WebApi to query the devices data.

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In the Index. The map. The last thing to add, is the WebApi controller for retrieving the devices data. This controller simply queries the Table Storage WeatherStationDevices table and returns all the devices data. I mean, where to put the command line and such in the template. Or is there an easier way? I doubt it.

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Everything seem so complicated here, argh! But I'm willing to learn. Remember if you post for help always give a link to the page you're talking about it's more helpful than pictures. The code that Acer posted is correct, but MediaWiki:Common. You first need to add to the top of your MediaWiki:Wikia. Then everything should work fine for you. Oh, ok, I waited half an hour before concluding that it didn't work, but I guess it didn't work. You add the code to the top of the MediaWiki:Wikia. It doesn't affect the codes that you post there.

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