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Global Down Syndrome Foundation together with the National Down Syndrome Congress have created a pamphlet for pregnant women that addresses questions related to prenatal testing for Down syndrome. Please click here to access or download the free pamphlet.

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Of course, there is no way to know what the future holds for anyone. In most ways, however, babies, children and adults with Down syndrome are more like other people than not. Babies and children with Down syndrome need all the same love and care as their typical peers. Most adults with Down syndrome have the same aspirations and desires as a person who does not have Down syndrome.

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What we do know is that the future of people with Down syndrome in the U. People with Down syndrome are no longer institutionalized, lifespan has more than doubled, and mainstream Americans strongly believe in the human and civil rights for people with the condition. Since the s, public schools must, by law, provide a free and appropriate education to children with Down syndrome.

An increasing number of colleges and universities have programs that are specifically designed for differently-abled students. Go to ThinkCollege. Some people with Down syndrome live independently or in an assisted independent arrangement, and a small but growing number have a romantic relationship and even get married. There are several large hurdles to overcome before people with Down syndrome can enjoy the equality and future they deserve.

Down Syndrome Facts

Medical communities in the U. Recent surveys in the U. There is a major lack of funding for research benefitting people with Down syndrome, even compared to other conditions and diseases. Without research funding, best practices in terms of how people with Down syndrome learn in a classroom cannot be studied nor tools created for teachers and parents.

Without research funding, the frequency and recovery rates of heart conditions and other diseases in people with Down syndrome cannot be properly estimated, nor can they be properly ameliorated or cured.

Down Syndrome: Attitudes and Expectations

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to learn more about the Global Down Syndrome Foundation please contact us at info globaldownsyndrome. Experience our inspirational and groundbreaking videos and photos.

What actually is Down syndrome?

Our children and self-advocates are beautiful AND brilliant! People with Down syndrome all look the same. There are certain physical characteristics that can occur. People with Down syndrome can have all of them or none.

Physical Symptoms

A person with Down syndrome will always look more like his or her close family than someone else with the condition. Children with Down syndrome often take longer to reach important goals like crawling, walking, and talking. As they get older, it may take more time before they get dressed and use the toilet on their own.

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And in school, they may need extra help with things like learning to read and write. Some also have problems with behavior — they may not pay attention well, or they can be obsessive about some things.

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  • As adults, people with Down syndrome may learn to decide many things on their own, but will likely need help with more complex issues like birth control or managing money. Some may go to college, while others will need more day-to-day care. Children's Health Reference. Continued Some also have problems with behavior — they may not pay attention well, or they can be obsessive about some things.

    Health Conditions People with Down syndrome are more likely to have certain health problems, such as: Hearing loss.