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The controversy over Obama's citizenship and eligibility for the presidency prompted a number of Republican state and federal legislators to propose legislation aimed at requiring future presidential candidates to release copies of their birth certificates. Some legislators also lent their support to birth certificate-related litigation against Obama, joining as co-plaintiffs. Although Obama was confirmed as president-elect by Congress on January 8, , [] and sworn in as President on January 20, [] litigation continued into his presidency.


Numerous individuals and groups filed state or federal lawsuits seeking to have Obama disqualified from standing or being confirmed for the Presidency, or to compel him to release additional documentation relating to his citizenship. In April , the Arizona legislature became the first to pass a bill "requiring President Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their U.

Obama is not the first President to be the subject of controversy surrounding the location of his birth. Andrew Jackson was the subject of similar claims, although it is not certain that they were raised during his presidency. Some said that Chester A. Arthur was born outside the United States, with his birth records later allegedly falsified to show he was born in Vermont. Onaka , who had certified both released birth certificates. In September , the State Objections Board of Kansas, composed of "three of the state's top elected Republicans", delayed acting on a petition to remove Barack Obama's name from the ballot, requesting information from Hawaii regarding his birth certificate; [] but later voted unanimously to accept Obama's citizenship and retain him on the state's ballot, despite objections from the floor by Orly Taitz.

A common claim among those arguing that President Obama was not born in Hawaii is that all doubt would be settled if Obama released his "long form" birth certificate. However, commentators noted that doing so would be disadvantageous to Obama. First, it would encourage speculation as to why it took so long to release the document. Second, caving in to his political adversaries' demands would embolden them by giving them a victory.

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Finally, it would open the door to demands for other personal records unrelated to his birth certificate. Lester, this question in many ways continues to astound me. The state of Hawaii provided a copy with the seal of the President's birth. I know there are apparently at least , people laughter that continue to doubt the existence of and the certification by the state of Hawaii of the President's birth there, but it's on the Internet because we put it on the Internet for each of those , to download.

At a July 27, , press briefing, radio talk show host Bill Press asked Gibbs if there was anything he could say to make the issue go away. Gibbs answered, "No. I mean, the God's honest truth is no," because "nothing will assuage" those who continue to pursue what he called "made-up, fictional nonsense" despite the evidence that Obama had already provided.

On August 6, , Gibbs commented, "You couldn't sell this script in Hollywood," and summarized the contentions that he considered "totally crazy":. All while this is transpiring in cahoots with those in the border, all so some kid named Barack Obama could run for President 46 and a half years later. At the February National Prayer Breakfast , Obama commented, "Surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith. Or for that matter my citizenship. Williams asked Obama about the fact that a fifth of the American people do not believe that he is either American born or a Christian.

Obama responded that "there is a mechanism, a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly". He then added, "I can't spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead. On a few occasions, Obama has joked about the conspiracy theories surrounding his birth certificate and citizenship.

At White House Correspondents' Dinner , Obama said there are few things in life harder to find and more important to keep than love, and then added, "Well, love and a birth certificate. Two years into my presidency, some are still bent on peddling rumors about my origins. So today, I want to put all those rumors to rest. It is true my great-great-great-grandfather really was from Ireland. It's true. Moneygall , to be precise. I can't believe I have to keep pointing this out.

In an April interview with George Stephanopoulos , Obama said, "I think that over the last two and a half years there's been an effort to go at me in a way that is politically expedient in the short-term for Republicans, but creates, I think a problem for them when they want to actually run in a general election where most people feel pretty confident the President was born where he says he was, in Hawaii.

He doesn't have horns. We may disagree with him on some issues and we may wish that you know, the unemployment rate was coming down faster and we want him to know his plan on gas prices. But we're not really worrying about conspiracy theories or And so I think it presents a problem for them.

On April 27, , referring to "sideshows and carnival barkers", [] Obama appeared in the White House press room an hour after the release of the long form and said, "I know there is going to be a segment of people for which no matter what we put out this issue will not be put to rest. But I am speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press.

We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We've got better stuff to do. Later in , Obama's re-election campaign offered for sale mugs with a picture of Obama captioned "Made in the USA" and the image of the birth certificate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 7 November Conspiracy theories falsely asserting that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the US. So I'm here to tell you that those who think the president was born somewhere other than Hawaii you're crazy Main articles: Barack Obama presidential eligibility litigation and United States presidential eligibility legislation.

Play media. April , President Obama discusses the release of his long-form birth certificate. United States portal Politics portal.

Donald Trump Speaks about Obama's Birth Certificate in New Hampshire

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Instead, he has treated his Muslim heritage as a dark secret. His grandfather was named 'Hussein. Los Angeles Times. December 3, Retrieved October 14, So it's worth considering the persistence of the Internet rumors that Obama, well known to Chicagoans as a Christian, is actually a stealth Muslim, a "Manchurian candidate" who would take the presidential oath with his hand on the Koran.

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    If you cannot use Tor, or your submission is very large, or you have specific requirements, WikiLeaks provides several alternative methods. Contact us to discuss how to proceed. See, e. In late July, a researcher looking to dig up dirt on Obama instead found a birth announcement that had been published in the Honolulu Advertiser on Sunday, Aug.

    The announcement was posted by a pro-Hillary Clinton blogger who grudgingly concluded that Obama "likely" was born Aug. Note also, that the August Honolulu Star Bulletin contained a similar announcement. This has zero legal probative value being only a mere newspaper advert. She was enrolled at the University of Washington in autumn of Between these start dates, Miss Duham became pregnant with Obama on Nov. Claims are that she married Obama Sr. If this is correct and Obama Sr.

    Bigamy is outlawed in Hawaii, but legal in Kenya.